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Nguyễn Vũ Nhân, Nguyễn Văn Nghĩa, Nguyễn Văn Hiếu Nguyễn Văn Nghĩa, Nguyễn Văn Hiếu The dependence of a quantum acoustoelectric current on some quanlities in a cyclindrical quantum wire with an infinitely potential GaAs/GaAsAl 2015 0.679 Materials Transactions Vol.56(9), pp.1408-1411
Nguyen Van Sang, Loh Xin Yi, Wijaya Hadhi, Wang Jigang, Lin Qingsong, Lam Yulin, Wong Wai-Shiu Fred, Mok Yu Keung Nguyễn Văn Sáng Specificity and Inhibitory Mechanism of Andrographolide and Its Analogues as Antiasthma Agents on NF-kappaB p50 2015 3.798 Journal of Natural Products Vol.78(2), pp.208-217
Nguyen Van Hung, Nguyen Cong Toan, Nguyen Ba Duc, Dinh Quoc Vuong Nguyễn Văn Hùng, Nguyễn Công Toản Thermodynamic properties of semiconductor compounds studied based on Debye-Waller factors 2015 1.085 Open Physics Vol.13(1), pp.242-246
Nguyen Van Do, Pham Duc Khue, Kim Tien Thanh , Nguyen Thi Hien , Bui Van Loat, Sung-Chul Yang, Kwangsoo Kim , Guinyun Kim, Tae-Young Song , Sung-Gyun Shin, Moo-Hyun Cho, Yong-Uk Kye, Man-Woo Lee Bùi Văn Loát Isomeric yield ratios for the natAg(c,xn)106m,g;104m,gAg photonuclear reactions induced by 40-, 45-, 50-, 55-, and 60-MeV bremsstrahlung 2015 1.124 Nucl. Inst. And Meth. In Phý. Reach. B Vol.343, pp.188-193.
Nguyen Tien Thao, Le Thi Kim Huyen Nguyễn Tiến Thảo Catalytic oxidation of styrene over Cu-doped hydrotalcites 2015 4.321 Chemical Engineering Journal Vol.279, pp.840-850
Nguyen Thu Ha, Nguyen Huu Du, Le Cong Loi and Do Duc Thuan Nguyễn Hữu Dư, Lê Công Lợi On the convergence of solutions to nabla dynamic equations on time scales 2015 0.386 Dynamic Systems and Applications Vol.24, pp.451-466
Nguyen Thu Ha, Nguyen Huu Du, Le Cong Loi and Do Duc Thuan Nguyễn Hữu Dư, Lê Công Lợi On the convergence of solutions to dynamic equations on time scales 2015 0.717 Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems pp.1-17, DOI 10.1007/s12346-015-0166
Nguyen Tho Thong, Le Hoang Son Lê Hoàng Sơn HIFCF: An effective hybrid model between Picture fuzzy clustering and Intuitionistic fuzzy recommender systems for medical diagnosis 2015 2.981 Expert Systems with Applications Vol.42(7), pp.3682-3701
Nguyen The Binh, Nguyen Thanh Dinh, Tran Trong Duc, Nguyen Thi Thu Hanh Nguyễn Thế Bình Laser-induced synthesis of Au-Ag alloy nanoparticles in Polyvinyl pyrrolidone (C6H9NO)n solution 2015 1.302 Journal of Cluster Science Vol.26(2) ISSN 1040-7278 J Clust Sci DOI 10.1007/s
Nguyen Thanh Chung, Hoang Quoc Toan Hoàng Quốc Toàn Multiple solutions for a class of N-Kirchhoff type equations via variational methods 2015 0.776 Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas Fisicas y Naturales Serie A-Matematicas Vol.109, pp.247-256
Nguyen Thac Dung, Nguyen Ngoc Khanh Nguyễn Thạc Dũng Gradient estimates of Hamilton-Souplet-Zhang type for a general heat equation on Riemannian manifolds 2015 0.394 Archiv der Mathematik Vol.105(5), pp.479-490
Nguyễn Thạc Dũng, Keomkyo Seo Nguyễn Thạc Dũng Vanishing theorems for L2 harmonic 1-forms on complete submanifolds in a Riemannian manifold 2015 1.014 Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications Vol.423, pp. 1594-1609
Nguyen Quang Bau, Bui Dinh Hoi, Nguyen Dinh Nam Nguyễn Quang Báu, Nguyễn Đình Nam Investigation of the magnetoresisvity in compositional superlattices under the influence of an intense electromagnetic wave 2015 0.85 Intenational Journal of Modern Physics B Vol.30(4), 13 pp
Nguyen Minh Tam, Phan Ke Loc and Vu Dinh Duy Phan Kế Lộc Genetic diversity in Xuan Nha pine (Pinus armandii subsp. xuannhaensis L.K. Phan) 2015 0.279 Research Journal of Biotechnology Vol.10(3), pp.30-36
Nguyễn Kỳ Nam, Phạm Đình Tùng Phạm Đình Tùng Searching for D-efficient Equivalent-Estimation Second-Order Split-Plot Designs 2015 1.152 Journal of Quality Technology. Vol.47, pp.54-65.
Nguyen Kim Nga, Tran Thanh Hoai, Pham Hung Viet Phạm Hùng Việt Biomimetic scaffolds based on hydroxyapatite nanorod/poly(d,l)lactic acid with their corresponding apatite-forming capability andbiocompatibility for bone-tissue engineering 2015 4.152 Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces Vol.128, pp.506-514
Nguyen Khac Thuan, Vuong Van Hiep, Do Thi Kim Anh and Hoang Nam Nhat Vương Văn Hiệp, Đỗ Thị Kim Anh Stable gold carbide nanostructures 2015 0.689 Materials Transactions Vol.56(9), pp.1383-1386
Nguyen Huu Du, Nguyen Thanh Dieu, Nguyen Anh Tuan Nguyễn Hữu Dư Exponential p-stability of stochastic equations on disconnected sets 2015 0.769 Electronic Journal of Differential Equations Vol.2015(285)
Nguyen Hoa Hong, Ngo Thu Huong, Tae-Young Kim, Souraya Goumri-Said, and Mohammed Benali Kanoun Ngô Thu Hương Tuning magnetic properties of BiFeO3 thin films by controlling rare-earth doping: experimental and first-principles studies 2015 4.772 Journal of Physical Chemistry C Vol.119(25), pp.14351-14357
Nguyen Duy Phuong, Narendra Tuteja, Phan Tuan Nghia and Pham Xuan Hoi Phan Tuấn Nghĩa Identification and characterization of a stress-inducible gene OsNLI-IF enhancing drought tolerance in transgenic tobacco 2015 0.926 Current Science Vol.109(3), pp.541-551
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